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Dog Keeps Getting Loose? 2 Tips To Keep It Safe And Secure

If your dog is an escape artist, you need to take steps quickly to ensure it stays safe. You never know if your dog will get lost and someone may take it, or it could get into a busy road. Fortunately, there are many things you can do, two of which are listed below.

Use GPS Pet Tracking

With a GPS pet tracker, you will know exactly where your dog is always in real-time. You can see where your dog has been while it was loose. You will have a handheld GPS unit. Your dog will wear a GPS tracking collar. When your dog leaves a certain area, your unit will send you an alarm. The unit has a screen that shows you where your dog is so you can rescue it. If your dog moves while you are looking you will know this.  

Along with a GPS tracking system and a handheld unit, you can go further and install a geofence. If your dog goes outside of the fence, you will be alerted. GPS pet trackers can never be placed under your dog's skin and only works by using the tracking collar. The collar itself is comfortable, and your dog will not mind wearing it.

Use Microchipping

Another way to keep your dog safe is to have it microchipped. This needs to be done by a veterinarian. The microchip is very tiny and easy for a veterinarian to place under your dog's skin. The chip runs by radio frequency and is a type of transponder. Each chip has an identification number. The veterinarian places the chip between the shoulder blades and works much like a vaccination. 

If your dog is found by someone, it can be scanned using a special scanner for a microchip. If your dog has a microchip, it will show your name and contact information so they can contact you and you can go get your dog. The only drawback is the average person does not have one of these scanners so your dog will have to be taken to a vet, dog rescue, etc., to be scanned. Many people do this, however, if they find a dog that is lost. This is especially true if your dog is clean and well-groomed as it is obviously well taken care of. 

You can use both GPS pet tracking and microchipping at the same time to keep your dog safe.