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Why Goldendoodle Dogs Make Great Companions

When it comes to finding the perfect pet, people look for different qualities that appeal to them, specifically. Some look for pets that are mostly independent and only need a little bit of help here and there. Others look for pets that have a bunch of personality and are very charismatic, if a little messy or loud. Some are just looking for a great companion who can be a good friend and a happy member of their household. Here are a few reasons why you should visit a Goldendoodle breeder if you fall into the last category of people. 

Easy To Care For  

Goldendoodles are not the most high-maintenance dogs in the world; in fact, they have few daily needs other than your attention and a bit of playtime. As long as you feed them and get them groomed every few months when their coat gets a bit raggedy, they will be perfectly fine and healthy for years to come. They also have quite a long lifespan, which is great for those who hate saying goodbye to old pets as you will spend much more time with a Goldendoodle than other, smaller dogs with bad health problems.

Very Smart 

Poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs out there, which is why it is no surprise that their direct offspring in a Goldendoodle is so clever as well. They are quick to be trained if you are so inclined, do not mind following orders, and rarely bark unless defending their loved ones or home. They also rarely get lost, so you can take them outdoors on hikes and in the park with very little worry. For someone with an active lifestyle who wants a buddy to enjoy it with them, a Goldendoodle is a good option.

Playful And Gentle

Just as they get their intelligence from their poodle parent, a Goldendoodle gets its warm heart and playful nature from its golden retriever side of the family. In this way, you get the best of both worlds, and many people struggle to go back to other dogs once they have owned a Goldendoodle. Plain and simply put, they are just good dogs with warm hearts that are also quite beautiful and loyal as well. Picking through the dozens of different dog breeds can be challenging, but with all their benefits and how few negatives there are, it really is hard to bypass the Goldendoodle. 

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